Height: 1.87
Hair: Dark Blond
Eyes: Brown
Shoes: 43/44
Jeans: 31/32


2012-2016: Mime School Amsterdam (Bachelor of Arts)
2009-2012: English Language and Culture at Utrecht University (Bachelor of Arts)
2008-2009: Psychology at Tilburg University


  • Performer in “OMG – celebrating abundance” (2021)
    A physical performance in a sporty atmosphere in which the performers celebrate
    human strength and total devotion. Created with Igor Vrebac and dancers.
  • Performer in “BLOOS – de mannen” (2021)
    An audio-performance with stories of men aged 10-100 about sensuality and intimacy.
    Directed by Marte Boneschansker.
  • Performer and creator of “MIND THE BODY” (2019-2021)
    Solo performance about the division between head and body.
    Created in collaboration with Jakop Ahlbom Company. Selected for Moving Futures 2020 and Fringe Festival 2020.
  • Performer in “ZOMBIE” (2020)
    A philosophical horror about the fear of a sick body and death.
    Directed by Bart van de Woestijne.
  • Actor in “Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny” (2020)
    Actor in the opera Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny at the Dutch National Opera.
    Directed by Ivo van Hove, rehearsal director Frans de Haas.
  • Dancer in “Rodelinda” (2020)
    Dancer in the opera Rodelinda at the Dutch National Opera.
    Directed by Claus Guth, rehearsal director Axel Weidauer, Choreographer Ramses Sigl.
  • Actor in Rabobank Commercial “Aanpakkers Menno en Japser” (2019)
    Actor for the role of Jasper in the commercial ‘Aanpakkers Menno en Jasper’ for Rabobank.
    Directed by Yani Verschuuren.
  • Dancer in “TANNHÄUSER” (2019)
    Dancer in the opera Tannhäuser at the Dutch National Opera.
    Directed by Christof Loy, assistant director Gieorgij Puchalski.
  • Choreographer / Dancer in “Nescio Beweegt” (2019)
    A collaboration with the Nescio Ensemble for 12 concerts about ‘overcrowding’ in Amsterdam.
  • Performer in “De Gruffalo” (2018-2020)
    A physical, slapstick performance by Meneer Monster based on the famous book
    ‘The Gruffalo’  by Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler.
  • Dancer in “NOISE” (2018)
    A theatrical, cinematic dance performance about listening to your intuition and dreams
    with Dance Company The Kitchen. Choreography by Jamie de Groot and dancers, live music by Pau Marqués Oleo.
  • Performer in “TRÆNS” (2017/2018)
    A hypnotic, sexy ritual in which the feminine and the masculine are unveiled and the earthly is transcended.
    Directed by Igor Vrebac.
  • Dancer in “Happily Ever After” (2017)
    A theatrical dance performance (8+) about death by Maas Theater en Dans.
    Choreographed and directed by Jasper van Luijk.
  • Performer in “De Optocht” (2017/2018)
    A multidisciplinary performance to Toon Tellegen’s De Optocht.
    Directed by Petra van der Schoot
  • Performer in “Macho Macho” (2016)
    Performance for Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2016 with (inter)national tour.
    Directed by Igor Vrebac – DIORAPHTE ‘BEST OF AMSTERDAM FRINGE’ AWARD 2016.
  • Dancer in “Foley” (2016)
    Short dance movie inspired by the decapitation of James Foley for Jan Rosseel’s exposition “Back-up”.
    Choreographed by Jasper van Luijk and directed by Jan Rosseel.
  • Performer in “OUR HOUSE” (2016)
    Graduation performance Mime School.
    Directed by Bianca van der Schoot and Suzan Boogaerdt – ITS ENSEMBLE AWARD 2016.
  • Performer in “STERVELING” (2016)
    Physical performance about our relationship to a dead / dying body.
    Created in collaboration with Marinke Eijgenraam.