Anton van der Sluis is a graduate from the Mime School in Amsterdam, was a professional swimmer in his teens, and he has a love for languages, animals and video-games. He needs movement to think and feel and he loves to explore the (im)possibilities of his body.

Anton is working as a physically oriented, creating performer for various theatre and dance pieces. Through the talent development program of Jakop Ahlbom Company Anton started creating his own performances. He is now developing his way of working supported by De Nieuwe Oost.

In his work Anton tries to trigger the physical empathy of the audience and the ‘homo ludens’ (playing/playful man) we all have inside of us.

By playfully connecting to the mindful body and going through physical transformations and imagery, Anton invites the audience to rediscover their own body consciousness and their imagination.

Theatre and dance are for Anton ways to get out of our automatic pilot and create a space for play and wonder.


You can send me an email at anton@languagenoproblem.com
Or talk to me on Facebook and Instagram.